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Stephanie Seymour to Get Not a Lot of Peter Brant’s Monthly Income

Even though he’s accused her of everything from faking her own urine to trying to steal stuff from his house, Peter Brant has agreed to pay supermodel Stephanie Seymour, his estranged wife, a whopping $270,000 a month to maintain her lifestyle and the lifestyle of their shared children while their divorce case is ongoing. That may sound like a lot — but not when you consider that Brant has made a monthly net income so far this year (one he says has been bad for his company) of $1.5 million. And that’s after the $500,000 a month he spends maintaining his working farm for his polo ponies.

(Some of the ponies that are “not worth much,” just $10,000 to $15,000, he has just been giving away to friends lately.) And $270,000 a month is especially not a lot when you add in that Brant is already worth at least $490 million, and pays $216,000 a month to the art museum he bought for his own art across the street. (Also, he pays $30,000 a month for household supplies, which according to the Stamford Advocate, he explains as anything from “toothpaste to towels,” but at this point who’s counting?) So yes, not knowing what kind of lump sum Seymour also received, $270,000 a month in alimony may not seem like a lot in context.

But, oh man, what a context it is.

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Stephanie Seymour to Get Not a Lot of Peter Brant’s Monthly Income