Tinsley Mortimer Caught on Film Canoodling With Constantine Maroulis

Guest of a Guest obtained pictures of socialite, soon-to-be reality star, and recent divorcée Tinsley Mortimer in an intimate moment with Rock of Ages star and American Idol runner-up Constantine Maroulis. Guest of a Guest infers that Tinsley has dumped her boyfriend the Price-Chopper Prince. After all, the tipster who sent the pictures did say “This girl is changing! She hiding out from Park Ave, left the Prince sitting alone on his thrown [sic] and went undercover to meet an American Idol. This was a legit date. They are really cute together.” So we can understand why one would think it was real! But when we saw these pictures, we had six simultaneous reactions:

1. Everything about this is fake. Clues include the amount of makeup Tinsley is wearing to a cheesy Broadway jukebox musical, the fact that no else one is around at this intimate moment, yet someone took a cell-phone pic from maybe six feet away, and the fact that, well, Constantine Maroulis.

2. The Tinsley of old is basically over. At her peak, she was at best a Becky Sharp. Now she’s about at Bridget Marquardt level. Which isn’t bad — it’s just, well, not good.
3. God bless Guest of a Guest for caring enough to collect these tips, so we don’t have to.
4. Constantine, come on. You were on American Idol and you’re in a hilarious Broadway show everyone loves! You don’t need a B-grade CW reality show that won’t make it past half a season.
5. God, we are embarrassed that so far we’ve had four thoughts about this. It must be Friday. Oh, God, here comes another one — we can’t stop it. It’s like a brain vomit!
6. Tinz, you’re one Michael Lohan cameo away from being Jon Gosselin. For the love of Calvin, get a hold of yourself!

Tinsley Mortimer Ditches The Prince For An American Idol [Guest of a Guest]

Tinsley Mortimer Caught on Film Canoodling With Constantine Maroulis