Tinsley Mortimer Shows Us How Reality-TV Sausage Is Made

Somehow, when The City films here in New York, the gossip blogs and columns aren’t filled with evidence of how fake and staged it is. That may be because star Whitney Port didn’t grow out of the New York scene, but rather was transplanted, rootless, into it.That is not the case for Tinsley Mortimer, the socialite who has reigned over the New York party scene for several years now. Tinz is surrounded by people who are only too used to blabbing to gossip columns and doing their best to undermine one another. One would think this would be great fodder for a reality-TV show, especially one that purports to “lift the curtain on New York’s most talked-about Park Avenue Princess and her young, elite society friends.” But the only thing that’s been exposed by curtain-lifting so far is how baldly fake this show is going to be. For example, reports that nobody wants to be on the show are regularly cropping up.

And this afternoon, Cityfile reports that Tinsley’s sister Dabney Mercer, one of the only socialites who would agree to be on the show (note to all Daily Intel siblings: We would not be so generous, so don’t get any ideas), had to hastily try to assemble a party for Tinz for the benefit of the show. At lunchtime. On Halloween. The website intercepted the e-mail invitation, headed: “Please Join Us to Support TINSLEY at a SURPRISE Afternoon Gathering with Friends to be Filmed for Her Upcoming Docu-Soap.” Who would say no to that?

Any show where people artificially show up for lunchtime parties (at Butter, did we mention that?) to “surprise” the star, not for any particular reason, is just bound to be terrible television.

HA. Just kidding. This is going to be riveting. We can’t wait.

Tinsley Turns Desperate [Cityfile]

Tinsley Mortimer Shows Us How Reality-TV Sausage Is Made