USS New York Sailor Bound to Be Disappointed by New York

The steel of the World Trade Center returned to New York City this morning — in the form of a terrorist’s worst nightmare! The USS New York — a warship partly fashioned from the remains of the Twin Towers and capable of unloading a battalion of 800 Marines anywhere in the world — finally pulled into New York Harbor after starting its journey from New Orleans over two weeks ago. Families of 9/11 victims saluted on shore as the ship unleashed a 21-gun salute near Ground Zero, hopefully not with real ammunition. The ship will be docked off of Pier 88 by the Intrepid until November 12, but until then, the sailors of the USS New York are just excited for some crazy times in the Big Apple.

E3 seaman Ian Graves, of Frederick, Oklahoma, said, “I’ve never seen anything this large. The biggest thing I’m excited about in New York is riding the subway. It’s gonna be fun as hell.”

Oh, bless your heart. Hopefully the subway lives up to your expectations, even though we’re pretty sure that is in no way possible. We might recommend you check out the Empire State Building, or Central Park, or a Broadway show, or even a Knicks game, or, you know, literally any other thing in the city instead.

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USS New York Sailor Bound to Be Disappointed by New York