Bernie Madoff Is the Most Popular Guy in Prison

To the world at large, Bernie Madoff is the scum of the earth. To his fellow inmates at the correction center in Butner, North Carolina, he is pretty much the shit. “To every con artist, he is the godfather, the don,” one inmate tells the Journal. In between shifts washing pots at the prison canteen, Berns basks in lavish amounts of positive attention. As you can see at right, one inmate, Kenneth Calvin “K.C.” White, drew his portrait for him, and he is hounded by autograph-seekers. Like, there are crowd-control issues.

Some of Mr. Madoff’s fellow inmates suspect he has money hidden somewhere and try to cozy up to him in hopes of learning its location. But correctional officers keep a close watch on Mr. Madoff and don’t allow groups to crowd around him.

If this happens to him, we’d hate to know what happened if Robert Pattinson went to jail.

Bernie Madoff, the $19 Billion Con, Makes New Friends Behind Bars [WSJ]

Bernie Madoff Is the Most Popular Guy in Prison