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Bushwick Hipsters Now Living in Trailers

In retrospect, we’re surprised it took this long for the creative class to shake off lofts, which have remained the standard of bohemian living for well past their prime. We mean: lofts! They’re so eighties! Parents live in them. Ann Taylor has a store named after them! Plus, they are increasingly hard to find, expensive, sometimes dangerous, and generally drafty. But Rented Spaces brings us the news of a group of arty types in Bushwick who have found a style of living that pairs better with today’s hipsters’ seventies working-class aesthetic: trailers.

Actually, sorry. They’re not mere trailers; they’re “salvaged campers.” Or better yet:

It’s confusing that the trailers are still located in a warehouse, though, and that they’re already trying to make them sound fancy, which probably means this trend is not long for this world. But, as one commenter on the site notes, an even more cutting-edge abode may be on the horizon:

Hipster yurts! Of course. Next big thing.

Bushwick Trailer Park Welcomes Artists [Rented Spaces]

Bushwick Hipsters Now Living in Trailers