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Cracks Forming Between Albany’s ‘Four Amigos’

This is fun: Earlier today we received a press release from the office of State Senator Ruben Diaz Sr., crowing about a holiday dinner at Nautilus Diner in Mamaroneck between the members of Albany’s so-called “Four Amigos.” The group, comprised of Democrats (well, most of the time) Diaz, Carl Kruger, Hiram Monserrate, and Pedro Espada, was going to talk about their plans for the New Year. But then we got a press release from Diaz shortly afterward announcing this:

I regret to inform you that The Four Amigos holiday dinner at Nautilus
Diner has been canceled. Some of the members did not like the idea that the
media was informed. As you know, I do not like to conduct secret meetings.

Which of the other “amigos” freaked out about press coverage? Was it Pedro Espada, who was busted earlier this year by the Post for giving his son a made-up position with the State Senate? Or was it Carl Kruger, who has, ever since his “no” vote on gay marriage, been pursued by gay activists claiming publicly at his events and outside his house that Kruger himself is a closeted homosexual? Or was it Hiram Monserrate who didn’t want the press, after his bad year of getting arrested for slashing his girlfriend in the face and being convicted of misdemeanor reckless harm?

Seems to us that Ruben Diaz should be the one avoiding getting press for hanging out with those guys, not the other way around.

Cracks Forming Between Albany’s ‘Four Amigos’