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Eliot Spitzer May Face Fierce Competition for Comptroller

Just when Eliot Spitzer started to feel sufficiently healed to poke his head back into politics after his prostitution scandal, cautiously upgrading his “weighing” of a run for the low-key (but still important!) position of city comptroller to a “strongly considering,” his past is coming back to haunt him. And his past is flamboyant.

Kristin Davis, the madam who claimed Spitzer as a client and who was arrested as part of a prostitution roundup in the wake of his scandal, has announced her intention to run against him. “I am just as qualified for the position of comptroller than [sic] Spitzer,” she writes on her website. Plus, she has the most important ingredient in politics: passion.

She continues:

Many of my friends have asked me why I have gotten so “political”. Sitting in Rikers for four months gives you a lot of time to think. I thought a lot about the unfairness of our system and the total incompetence of our elected officials who can’t even pass a gay marriage bill … and I decided to start speaking out. I spent months wondering if one person speaking out can make a difference. I believe it can.

We don’t know if Ms. Davis really has a future in politics, but we do know one thing: This would make an excellent B-grade movie.

Manhattan Madam [Official site]

Eliot Spitzer May Face Fierce Competition for Comptroller