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More Women Come Out of the Woods-work

Cori Rist, the New York–based aspiring model whose lingerie shots ended up on the cover of the Post last week, just tearfully admitted an affair with Tiger Woods on the Today show. Meanwhile, another former mistress appears on the horizon: A bartender named Brian Kimbrough (rhymes with “himbo”) told the Post that Tiger Woods called his ex-girlfriend Julie Postle “obsessively” after meeting her at the Roxy Night Club in Orlando, where they both worked back in 2004. At the time, he said, Postle told him nothing was going on with the golfer, though others remember differently, including Postle’s ex-roommate’s mother, who recalls giving her some amazing maternal advice.

She was 20, and I said, ‘You’ve got to get a condo out of this,’ ” the mother said, “and she said, ‘Oh, no, I can’t do that to Tiger.’ ”

She can now, it seems. According to Kimbrough, Postle recently called him asking for his old cell-phone records so she and her lawyer could prove she’d had contact with Woods (she apparently used one of his phones at the time). Makes sense: Property values being what they are, she could get a much nicer condo in Florida now.

Tiger Pounced On My Hot Girlfriend [NYP]
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More Women Come Out of the Woods-work