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Heiress Casey Johnson Accused of Stealing Reality Star’s Underwear

The biggest problem with being rich, Johnson & Johnson heiress Casey Johnson once said, is “there’s nothing left to want.” Except for, maybe, the belongings of other people. Johnson, the daughter of philanthropist Robert Wood “Woody” Johnson IV, was arrested in Los Angeles on grand-theft charges after reportedly burglarizing the home of Jasmine Lennard, a former contestant on Britain’s Make Me a Supermodel who claims she had taken the troubled heiress under her wing only to return home one recent night to find that Johnson had helped herself to her jewelry, clothes, and underwear, and to add insult to injury, left a used vibrator on her bed and a wet towel on the floor. Lennard, whose compassionate streak apparently runs only so deep, vowed revenge in today’s Post.

She messed with the wrong lady,” she said.

She breaks into my Hollywood apartment, masturbates in my bed, has a shower in my bathroom, takes every thing in my apartment.”

To be fair, we don’t entirely think Casey was being vindictive here. It’s just that when you’re that rich, usually someone picks up your wet towels and cleans your vibrator for you.

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Heiress Casey Johnson Accused of Stealing Reality Star’s Underwear