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Jamie Jungers Took Naked Pictures of Tiger Woods While He Was Sleeping

Oh, Jamie, Jamie, Jamie. It had to be you. We don’t know why we even considered that it might be Jaimee Grubbs, or that cocktail waitress from Florida, who had the nude photos of Tiger Woods that caused his lawyers to take legal action in the United Kingdom. According to her aunt, Jungers was telling people in the family that she’d snapped some shots of Tiger in all his unwrapped glory. “She told me that she had taken pictures of Tiger Woods naked while he was passed out drunk on her cell phone,” Jungers’s aunt, Susan Minor, said. “Jamie said she was going to take the pictures to the tabloids if something happens between her and Tiger, if they break up,” Minor told Radar Online. Though she didn’t claim to have seen the pictures (which is probably for the best — we’re already well past our TMI threshold on this story), Minor did reveal some interesting priorities in the Jungers family. “I thought go for it, if you’ve got them go for it,” she said of the images.

Over this Thanksgiving, which she spent with Jamie, Minor says “the conversation got to Tiger being in a car accident; basically that’s when my sister, who is Jamie’s mom, started saying: ‘Jamie, you need to go to the tabloids.’”

This seems strange to us. In what situation is “going to the tabloids” ever the right, or even instinctual, solution?

What does not seem strange to us, however, is the anxiousness Woods is probably feeling right now knowing those pictures are out there. Getting photographed while you are passed out drunk and naked has got to be every celebrity’s nightmare. Hell, it’s our nightmare.

Our only hope, in this situation, is that Jamie did the right thing that night when Tiger was passed out and she took the pictures. Because if she didn’t draw a penis on his face, this will all have been for nothing.

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Jamie Jungers Took Naked Pictures of Tiger Woods While He Was Sleeping