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Mistress: Tiger Paid for Sex

After we concluded that ace golfer Tiger Woods might actually be dumber than a jar full of hair, news comes that the alleged serial cheater hired at least two prostitutes. See, that sounds smarter. Prostitutes, as the lovely Ashley Dupré pointed out back when all of this began, keep their damn mouths shut. And they know better than to start up a relationship. Madam Michelle Braun says that Woods would pay up to $15,000 for a date with one of her girls. She set him up six times in 2006 and 2007, she claims. She even set him up with Jamie Jungers, who she says was one of her escorts (though Junger denies she was ever a prostitute), and porn star Holly Sampson, who has already admitted that she slept with the golf star.

He liked girl-on-girl,” Braun told the Post, saying Woods would hire two at a time. “He had sex with them together.” Woods was also apparently “tough to keep up with — with days at a time, just on a booze and sex bender.” she said. Braun even has tax documents that indicate that Sampson and Jungers worked for her. (Wow, and we thought for sure prostitution was a cash-only business.)

Speaking of documents, Tiger sued in British court to block tabloids from releasing any illicit photos or videos of him. But his lawyers say you shouldn’t think anything of it! In a letter sent to news outlets, lawyers say the court order “prevents the publication of private and confidential information contained in the Order,” BUT “this Order is not to be taken as any admission that any such photographs exist.”

This is the first we hear from Woods’s camp in weeks? And we’re supposed to not take it as “any admission that such photographs exist?” Sorry, guys, that’s just not how it works. Playgirl, now you have to run those pictures!

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Mistress: Tiger Paid for Sex