Morgan Stanley Exec Changes License Plate After No One Finds Joke That Funny

Morgan Stanley vice-chairman Robert Kindler’s first mistake was getting vanity license plates reading 2BIG2FAIL for his Porsche. His second mistake was allowing Andrew Ross Sorkin to include a photo of said plates in his book on the crisis, which was subsequently picked up by Matt Taibbi and blasted out to hordes of precisely the sort of people who would find this behavior from an executive at an institution that received TARP funds less than hilarious. Kindler has since replaced said plates, probably out of concern for the safety of his family and/or tires, with a new plate, which reads “MNAGuy” which we imagine he feels telegraphs “regular hardworking good guy doing plain-vanilla type of stuff who also has a Porsche.” But it’s still all good between him and Sorkin, Sorkin reported on his website.

Because Sorkin was like the one person who appreciated that the plates were a joke.

Kindler, whose brother is comedian Andy Kindler (formerly of “Everybody Loves Raymond” and a regular on Late Show with David Letterman), is now riding around with a license plate that says “MNA GUY.” Kindler, whose jokes on Wall Street are legendary - when he worked at JPMorgan, he had shirts made up mocking the firm’s slogan: “One Firm. One Team. Bribe a Leader.” — sent me his old 2BG2FAIL license plate in the mail with a note saying that he had ordered the plate as a satirical reminder that “no one is too big to fail.”

Did he mention that Kindler is freaking hilarious? That it runs in his family? Really, you should meet him; you will piss your pants he’s so funny. GOD. We like Sorkin, but this is one of those moments where he’s really overdoing it.

[Andrew Ross Sorkin via Dealbreaker]

Morgan Stanley Exec Changes License Plate After No One Finds Joke That Funny