Now Jude Law and Sienna Miller Are Sneaking Around Together

Oprah is reaching out to Tiger Woods, who offered his wife $5 million to keep her from leaving him and taking their two children with her, and $80 million to stay with him for at least seven years. Jude Law and Sienna Miller, who broke up after he cheated on her with his kids’ nanny, have been hanging out around town together since they’re both appearing on Broadway, even sneaking out of Law’s apartment moments apart. Before landing Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie said she’d go after either Bill Clinton or Johnny Depp. Then she and Jennifer Aniston met at a deserted restaurant, where she made Aniston cry. Destiny’s Child is reuniting, but it’s only to face a copyright-infringement lawsuit for their song “Cater 2 U,” and Kelly Rowland says it’s all Beyoncé’s father’s fault, who always puts Beyoncé’s name on songs she didn’t compose. And J.Lo reports that she has a bruised backside from falling at the American Music Awards.

Lindsay Lohan supposedly made out with Cash Warren at West Hollywood’s Villa the other night, while Warren’s wife, Jessica Alba, was nowhere to be seen. Though the celebs deny it, a witness describes the interaction as “lip on tongue,” explaining, “It was raw. They were not shy.” Alba, meanwhile, “is not as into Cash as she used to be.” GLAAD is backing ABC’s decision to fire Adam Lambert from two upcoming appearances on the network, not because his kissed a man at the AMAs, but because he went off-script. Miley Cyrus frolicked around Miami’s Fontainebleau in a skimpy pink bikini, revealing a “Just Breathe” tattoo below her left breast. But then she covered it up with a Jonas Brothers T-shirt, and we wonder how her current boyfriend, Liam Hemsworth, feels about her sporting the homage to her ex. Chris Brown tells ABC that he “never had problems with anger.” Rihanna, meanwhile, admits that she likes tall guys and that size matters.

Kate Moss insisted she take Ann Dexter-Jones’s bracelet off her wrist, which “Page Six” just happened to write about before Dexter-Jones launches her jewelry line at Art Basel. Tyra Banks sipped a virgin Bloody Mary at David Burke Townhouse. Naomi Campbell had her bodyguard deflect all photographers at Art Basel, then got into a fight with a younger woman at the W’s nightclub, the Wall. Anna Wintour and Isaac Mizrahi had an early dinner at Da Silvano. Sarah Jessica Parker is having a hard time balancing being a mother of three and starring in the Sex and the City sequel, noting that she has “enormous regrets.”

Tobey Maguire was chatting with Lee Daniels about starring in his next project. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s 16-year-old son is dating Bruce Willis and Demi Moore’s 15-year-old daughter. Mariah Carey smooched Nick Cannon for the cameras at Unicef’s snowflake ball. Taylor Swift posted home videos online of herself in a bikini. Restaurateur Nello Balan is being accused of “diverting” over $100,000 a year in his staffers’ tips. Heiress/thief Casey Johnson followed Jasmine Lennard to an L.A. tattoo parlor and begged her to drop charges. Then she drove to Nicky Hilton’s house. Pamela Anderson and Richie Rich are recording a pop single together, called “High.” And if Taylor Momsen would only increase her coffee size to a venti, she’d look just like a blonder Mary-Kate Olsen circa 2006.

Now Jude Law and Sienna Miller Are Sneaking Around Together