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People in Texas Have Not Heard of eBay

There’s a little story out of Texas that, in a nutshell, goes like this: A woman, Shirley Bradley, who sometimes supports Democrats, is also the mother of two conservative state politicians. The San Antonio Express-News ran a story about the Bradley family dynamics, which mentioned Shirley’s “Hillary for President” bumper sticker. Hillary Clinton read the article and liked it so much that she wrote Bradley a letter expressing her delight. But the bumper sticker was soon stolen off the car, and now one of Shirley Bradley’s sons is struggling to find a replacement for his mom:

[David] Bradley’s hunt for a new Hillary Clinton sticker meant doing “some outreach” to folks who are not his political allies….

David Bradley has asked the president of the Houston Federation of Teachers for a new “Hillary” bumper sticker. The group supported her presidential campaign last year.

We’re working on it. We’re asking staff to go through their political memorabilia file,” said Gayle Fallon, head of the teachers’ federation.

Are you serious? You’ve got the entire teacher’s union combing through their files for this? This is how people tried to procure things in 1995. Here, look — it’s an auction for 30 “Hillary for President” bumper stickers on eBay, which is a website on the Internet. The current price is 99 cents. Please bid on it.

Clinton letter inspires hunt for ‘Hillary’ sticker []

People in Texas Have Not Heard of eBay