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Sarah Palin Cuts Vacation Short Because of Visor-gate

We’re going to tell you a little story now. It’s a true story, but we are going to put asterisks (*) in every place where we think this would also be perfectly believable in a story invented by the genius writers of The Onion:

Sarah Palin was photographed on a Hawaiian vacation with her husband, Todd, wearing a McCain ‘08 visor, with the word “McCain” blacked out with a Sharpie.* Upon being snapped by TMZ, Palin said that she loves her old running mate and was just wearing a McCain campaign visor with the name prominently and incompletely blacked out so she could go “incognito.”* Because of the press attention over the visor, she sent out a press release announcing she was quitting her vacation before it was scheduled to end.*

God bless this lady. Onion writers, watch out. Someone’s aiming to put you out of work, and we’re beginning to suspect she’s been at it a long time.

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Sarah Palin Cuts Vacation Short Because of Visor-gate