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New Health-Care Tax Targets the Pasty

Viva las tatas! Plastic surgeons lobbying hard for the exclusion of the “Bo-tax” can rejoice, for our elected officials declared today that cosmetic procedures should continue to be provided tax free, so that the unrealistic, cartoonish standards of beauty this country has championed can continue to be upheld and women of a certain age will still be able to get work. But the victory for the saggyboobed comes at the expense of the pasty.

The Wall Street Journal informs us:

This feels wrong to us, and not just because our politicians again caved to an industry supported by powerful lobbyists. (What’d you trade for this, Reid? A brow lift? Some work around the chin? We bet you did, you old schnauzer.) This is not only a tax on the pasty, it’s a tax on the poor, the chubby (everyone knows a tan makes you look thinner), and, we suspect, yet another attempt to marginalize the cast of Jersey Shore. End Guido discrimination now!

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New Health-Care Tax Targets the Pasty