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Tiger and Elin Make a Deal

If Tiger Woods and his wife Elin look really happy the next time you see them, it’s probably because they’ve struck a deal that works out pretty nicely for both of them. According to the Chicago Sun Times, the terms of the deal are as follows: Tiger gets to remain married and Elin gets a seven-figure transfer into her personal bank account and a re-written pre-nup. Together, they get several-times-a-day marriage counseling. Everybody wins!

Chicago Sun-Times [Chicago Sun-Times]

Apparently the stakes for cheating sports stars have gotten considerably higher since the days of Kobe Bryant. The Daily Beast reports that as of Wednesday evening, the deal is that Elin gets $5 million just to stay, and the prenup agreement is being revised to give her up to an additional $55 million.

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Tiger and Elin Make a Deal