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Warning: Jersey Shore’s J-WOWW Headed to a Hampton Near You

There’s a rag in New Jersey called Steppin’ Out, which is edited by old Intel friend Chaunce Hayden. It’s got gossip, salacious news, info on all the state’s nightclubs and concerts, and as frequently as possible, it puts a busty, moderately to marginally famous reality star or porn queen on the cover. Basically, for years, Chaunce Hayden has been like St. John the Baptist preparing the state for the arrival of its savior, Jersey Shore. And this week, Hayden has an interview with one of the show’s stars, J-WOWW. It’s a conversation that will have New Yorkers shaking between their pathetic, average-size hoop earrings.

J-WOWW wants to spend next summer in the Hamptons!

J-WOWW: I would love to do a spin off of “Jersey Shore” in the Hamptons. It would be the New York version of “Jersey Shore.” I’m really not a Jersey girl. I’m from Long Island. I’ve always been a Hamptons girl. Almost everyone on the show is from New York. Next season I would like to represent Long Island and do behind the scenes in the Hamptons nightclubs. The fist pumpers in the Hamptons are more extreme. I feel like me and my friends could bring a more extreme version to MTV. … But instead of putting girls with guys, I would put together more girls like me.

We actually have to admit we have no idea what she’s talking about in most of those sentences. But the idea of more girls like Snooki going to the Hamptons seems pretty genius to us.

Steppin’ Out Magazine [Official Site]

Warning: Jersey Shore’s J-WOWW Headed to a Hampton Near You