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Woman Rushed to Hospital from Tiger Woods’s Home, Elin Nordegren May be Moving to Sweden [Updated]

Oh, Tiger. This whole car-crash-infidelity mess, rather than slowing down to a dribble of news and scandal, is snowballing into a speeding train wreck that involves hospitals, alleged drug abuse, and women and real estate on multiple continents. This morning we learn that Woods’s wife, the beautiful Elin Nordegren, has reportedly recently plunked down $2 million on a house in Sweden which she’ll share not with Tiger, but with her twin sister, Josefin. RadarOnline claims that this is a step in her moving out for good, reporting that she’s currently living outside of the house she shares with Tiger.

Out this morning also is news that an unidentified woman was rushed to the hospital from Woods’s house at 2:30 in the morning. The patient initially refused medical aid, but was later listed as being on “advanced life support.” While it’s unclear whether the woman was actually Elin Nordegren, Nordegren was spotted leaving the hospital later.

This comes on top of a TMZ report that Tiger himself was hospitalized, not for his minor injuries after his Thanksgiving night car crash, but for overdosing on prescription drugs. According to their source, Woods was having trouble breathing, and Nordegren supplied the hospital with his prescription bottles of Ambien and Vicodin.

If Woods and his family keep yadda yadda yadda–ing all of these mysterious and sometimes disturbing reports, we’re going to have to fill in the blanks on our own again. We’re pretty sure that by now, aliens have become involved.

Update: Turns out the woman in the hospital was Elin Nordegrin’s mother, Swedish politician Barbro Holmberg. [ABC News]
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Woman Rushed to Hospital from Tiger Woods’s Home, Elin Nordegren May be Moving to Sweden [Updated]