Eliot Spitzer Is No Kirsten Gillibrand Fan

Since you were probably wondering exactly how Eliot Spitzer feels about Kirsten Gillibrand (who, by the way, was among the first Democrats to call for Spitzer’s resignation in 2008), the Luv Guv gave an interview with an Albany radio station this weekend spelling it all out. Spoiler alert: it wasn’t nice.

According to the Times:

In an interview on WAMC, Mr. Spitzer said he would not have appointed Ms. Gillibrand “under any circumstance” because her “views on issues are either wrong or too malleable.”

Yikes. Clearly Spitzer is not a Gillibrand fan, which is fine with her, because the feeling is mutual. In response to the former governor’s comments, a spokesman for Gillibrand said that the Senator’s appointment wasn’t Spitzer’s call “Because of his own actions.” That is, of course, a reference to Spitzer doing a prostitute with his socks on.

Spitzer Calls Gillibrand’s Views ‘Wrong’ and ‘Malleable’

Eliot Spitzer Is No Kirsten Gillibrand Fan