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Harold Ford Jr. Knows How to Fix The Democratic Party

The last time Harold Ford Jr. teamed up with the New York Times, it was for an embarrassing interview about helicopters and pedicures. Today he’s back with some substance in an article not about him, but by him.

In an op-ed imploring Democrats to “get down to business,” Ford writes that Scott Brown’s recent victory in Massachusetts makes it clear that Democrats need to “shift attention away from health care and toward a bold effort to create jobs, improve the economy and rein in the size of government.” Then he explains how that should be done.

Step one: cut taxes for businesses. Step two: pass an even more watered-down health care bill. Step three: figure out a way to let smart immigrants become citizens. Step four: rein in that deficit!

A Democratic Party refocused on revitalizing our economy, protecting the United States from terrorism and re-establishing itself as the party for the middle class is what Americans are demanding. If we do this, victory at the polling booths will take care of itself.

From the looks of his plan, it seems like Ford might just want to forgo the Democratic primary and take on Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand in the general election.

Democrats, Get Down to Business [NYT]

Harold Ford Jr. Knows How to Fix The Democratic Party