21 questions

Nick Flynn’s Worst Enemy Is Himself

Name: Nick Flynn
Age: 49
Neighborhood: Cobble Hill
Occupation: Writer. He’ll be reading from his new memoir, The Ticking Is the Bomb, tonight at Bookcourt and January 25 at the Strand.

Who’s your favorite New Yorker, living or dead, real or fictional?
Grace Paley.

What’s the best meal you’ve eaten in New York?
I still like the mujadarra sandwich at Kalustyan’s on Lexington.

In one sentence, what do you actually do all day in your job?
On a good day I write, all day.

Would you live here on a $35,000 salary?
I did on less for years, but now? With a kid? I guess we could figure out a way, but we’d likely flee.

What’s the last thing you saw on Broadway?
Was Ruined on Broadway? That was amazing.

Do you give money to panhandlers?
Depends, yet there is no rhyme or reason to it. It’s a deeply confusing situation.

What’s your drink?
Earl Grey.

How often do you prepare your own meals?
Daily, at least some of the meals.

What’s your favorite medication?
Advil, the blue gel caps.

What’s hanging above your sofa?
Nothing. Across from the sofa, though, is a painting by Jennifer Bradley.

How much is too much to spend on a haircut?

When’s bedtime?

Which do you prefer, the old Times Square or the new Times Square?
Old, but I guess it’s good some of the old theaters got fixed up. Just wish we hadn’t sold it to Disney.

What do you think of Donald Trump?
What’s with him sticking his name on everything? Seems kind of childlike.

What do you hate most about living in New York?
The mall-ification of Manhattan. And when did everyone start dressing the same way?

Who is your mortal enemy?
Myself — but we’re cool now.

When’s the last time you drove a car?
A couple days ago.

How has the Wall Street crash affected you?
This time I’ll be sleeping on pal’s couches for the book tour, instead of hotels, which I like better.

Times, Post, or Daily News?

Where do you go to be alone?
If I told you, I wouldn’t be alone.

What makes someone a New Yorker?
Carrying a bicycle onto the subway at rush hour, gracefully.

Nick Flynn’s Worst Enemy Is Himself