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Nobody Puts Harold Ford Jr. in a Corner

As it has done countless times before, the Democratic universe quickly sprang into action this week to protect coveted non-elected senator Kirsten Gillibrand from facing a primary opponent, this time in the form of Tennessean New Yorker Harold Ford Jr. Chuck Schumer held a one-on-one meeting, Harry Reid placed a phone call, NARAL released this video, and we assume Rahm Emanuel is wrapping a dead fish as we speak. But Ford isn’t backing down, and today he reportedly hired a campaign manager, pollster, and a press secretary who released this defiant statement:

Harold is not going to be bullied or intimidated. It’s good for New York to have a dialogue. It’s good to have credible candidates exploring this race. So what are they so afraid of?

Yeah! Screw those party bosses in Albany! As soon as Harold Ford Jr. figures out who they are, he’s going to kick their asses.

Ford staffs up [Ben Smith/Politico]

Nobody Puts Harold Ford Jr. in a Corner