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Obama Tackles Urgent Matter: College Football Playoffs!

Since the whole health care reform thing ain’t exactly going as planned, it seems the President’s administration has decided to look into an equally pressing issue: How the college football national championship is determined! But really, this is some genius populism.

The Justice Department is weighing whether or not it will investigate if the BCS system violates antitrust laws, an inquiry requested by Utah Senator Orrin Hatch last October. Options for the investigation include asking the Federal Trade Commission to get involved, or appointing a governmental body to study the possibility of a playoff system. (Succcchhh a good use of a governmental body!)

Obama made his disgust for the current system clear back in November of 2008 when he appeared on Monday Night Football:

I think it is about that we had playoffs in college football. You know, I’m fed up with these computer rankings and this and that and the other,” he said. “Get eight teams, the top eight teams right at the end, you’ve got a playoff; decide on a national champion.”

Divided as this nation may be, this is an issue that most of the country — or at least any big-football-school alum — can get behind. Why he didn’t bring it up during the State of the Union is beyond us; no words soar like NCAA rhetoric.

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Obama Tackles Urgent Matter: College Football Playoffs!