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Obama Is Also a CBS Commentator for NCAA Basketball

There is so much that is so great about this AP report detailing Barack Obama’s attendance at yesterday’s Duke-Georgetown game. Obama — who sat courtside with a crew including Vice President Joe Biden and White House Senior Adviser David Axelrod — “munched on popcorn and occasionally used his Blackberry” during the game. The President: just like us!

Not content to just watch though, Obama actually stopped by the announcer’s booth during the second half, where he spent seven-and-a-half minutes guest-commentating with CBS announcers Verne Lundquist and Clark Kellogg.

After retirement, I’m coming after your job, Clark,” Obama told Kellogg on air. “I’m just letting you know. So you either have three more years or seven more years.”

Perhaps the best detail? After a call against Georgetown, the crowd launched into a vulgar chant that was stopped when one student said to the other: “Dude, the president of the United States is right there.”

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Obama Is Also a CBS Commentator for NCAA Basketball