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Sallie Krawcheck Is a Wildly Famous Celebrity, According to Sallie Krawcheck

Okay. In the past few years, a number of executives on Wall Street have become household names, and Lord knows we have done our part to ensure that Lloyd, Jamie, and Vikram emerge as the Christy, Claudia, and Naomi of the financial crisis. But now other executives, lower down the totem pole, are acting like they’re famous, too. Specifically, we’re talking about Sallie Krawcheck, the Citigroup wealth-management chief who left for Bank of America after a tiff with CEO Vikram Pandit.

While it is true that journalists and bloggers and people in the financial community may be familiar with Krawcheck’s story, the Fortune story that once upon a time dubbed her the “last honest analyst,” etc., it is hardly what you would call “popular knowledge,” which renders the following claim she made to the Times “Business” section highly suspect:

I don’t think I set foot in a restaurant where some woman did not come up to me and thank me for getting knocked around and going back in,” Ms. Krawcheck, 45, recalled in an interview at Bank of America’s corporate office in New York. “It was unexpected and quite fantastic.”

Now. We’re fans and admirers of Ms. Krawcheck and appreciate the cracks she’s put in the glass ceiling and what have you, and we don’t mean any disrespect, but the fact is, this is a lie. She is a Wall Street executive, not J-WOWW. We sincerely doubt that she is unable to set foot in a restaurant without getting mobbed by admirers, unless by “restaurant” she means the BofA cafeteria. So take it down a notch, sister. And while we’re at it don’t even think about trying out for cheerleader next year.

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Sallie Krawcheck Is a Wildly Famous Celebrity, According to Sallie Krawcheck