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Tiger Woods Reportedly Not Good at Sex Rehab

This morning the Post (which couldn’t seem to come up with much of a headline — “TIGER HOODS”? What about “NO MORE WOODS“?) rounds up all the gossip coming from inside the Gentle Path sex-rehab clinic in Mississippi, where Tiger Woods seems to be hanging out. Apparently, it’s not going so well:

Other patients are displeased that his celebrity status is giving him a mulligan when it comes to house rules. Unlike other patients, Tiger doesn’t have to clean his room or toilet, make his bed, plan meals with other patients or attend every group counseling session — as all other patients must. Instead, Woods has a maid tidy up his quarters, and typically undergoes one-on-one “behavior modification” counseling sessions. And Tiger was allowed to do about $100,000 worth of renovations to a cottage before moving in, angering patients, who got even madder when their regular trips to the YMCA for exercise were canceled so that reporters couldn’t ask them questions about Woods.

Basically, Tiger’s phoning it in.

Sometimes he participates in activities like group therapy and meals with other male patients, but most of the time blows off therapy and stays in his room or hits the gym,” said a source close to Woods. And “he said he’s ‘mentally exhausted’ and tired of saying he’s a sex addict,” the source disclosed. “He can’t wait for it to be over. He’s doing it for his public image, and that’s what he cares about most.”

Remember back when a pretend friend of Tiger’s said that he was going to have to go to Zales and get a “Kobe Special”? This is like the Kobe deluxe. At least David Duchovny and these guys had sex addiction television shows to promote. If he’s just playing along with the whole rehab thing for publicity, and this is how it’s working out, we just don’t see the plus side of this for Tiger at all.

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Tiger Woods Reportedly Not Good at Sex Rehab