Unemployed? It Might Be Because You Are a Dumb Slob With No Manners

More bad news for job hunters: Faced with a supply that outweighs demand, employers are getting more judgmental about prospective employees than the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders during recruitment season. Take sporting-goods sales executive Daniel Obergfell, who rejected an applicant for mispronouncing his last name multiple times in an interview. Sure, Obergfell (silent “g”) understands she might have just been nervous, but in this market, why take a chance?

Given she never really got it right — even after being corrected, told me it was probably started with nervousness, but the issue more than likely ran deeper than that,” he says.

Other deal-breakers as told to the Journal: Tattoos, bad table manners, sweat stains, saying that you have to give your current employer a respectful two weeks’ notice, and wearing a tie at a non-tie-wearing company. (You don’t know if people wear ties? Find out, loser! Take some initiative and spend some time in the bushes spying on your intended co-workers. But don’t get caught! That, too, would be a deal-breaker.) And then there’s that old saw, being too eager.

You guessed it: Now that man would be lucky to get the coffee-serving job. Hope that doesn’t make you too nervous!

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Unemployed? It Might Be Because You Are a Dumb Slob With No Manners