Aftershocks Continue in Chile As Tsunami Threat Ends

The death toll from the magnitude 8.8 earthquake that hit Chile yesterday is now more than 400, according to the latest numbers from Reuters. A strong aftershock that hit this morning is expected to cause that number to rise. Early estimates say the quake has displaced 1.5 million people, many around Concepción, where local officials say rescue efforts are underway to remove people trapped under rubble.

Meanwhile, tsunami fears raised by the quake have ended as small waves worked their way to many countries in the Pacific and caused little damage yesterday. Hawaii lifted its tsunami warning yesterday afternoon after small waves hit its shores and caused no harm. Japan’s first tsunami warning in fifteen years also ended with little trouble as waves reached a height of only three feet.

If you want to donate to the Chilean relief fund, Mashable has a list of organizations providing help.

1.5 Million Displaced After Chile Quake [NYT]

Aftershocks Continue in Chile As Tsunami Threat Ends