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Niall Ferguson Leaves Wife for Somali Intellectual

Historian and noted Krugman baiter Niall Ferguson has left his wife of sixteen years, former newspaper editor Susan Douglas, with whom he has three kids, for another woman. This sounds bad, but after perusing the situation, we have to say we kind of understand his decision. Why? The woman in question, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, is pretty spectacular. She’s smart: A Somali-born, Dutch-educated lawyer and former MP, she’s the author of a memoir, Infidel, a fellow at a conservative think tank, and was voted one of Time’s most influential people in 2005 (in fact, that is when they met, right). She is also completely hot, and has a giant tattoo of passages from the Koran on her back.

Also, there’s this:

She has been the subject of threats from Muslim extremists since writing the script for the movie Submission, which was critical of Islam. When its director, Theo Van Gogh, was shot dead in an Amsterdam street in 2004, a death threat against Ms Hirsi Ali was pinned to his chest. Since then she has lived in safe houses in Washington and New York under constant armed protection.

So really, this whole situation can be boiled down to two words: fatwa sex. If sneaking around on your spouse is hot, sneaking around under threat of jihadist militants is undoubtedly way hotter, especially if you’re as awash in self-regard as Niall Ferguson. Right now, theirs is the most important and thrilling sex life ever. We’ll see if it lasts, though, after the fatwa gets dropped.

The history man and fatwa girl: How will David Cameron take news that think-tank guru Niall Ferguson has deserted wife Sue Douglas for Somali feminist? [Daily Mail UK]

Niall Ferguson Leaves Wife for Somali Intellectual