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Andrew Breitbart Identifies With Kevin Bacon in Footloose

Conservative web aggregator and writer Andrew Breitbart is so diligent in his war with liberal media that not only does he aggressively go after mainstream outlets for corrections, but he hunts down perceived slights on small-size liberal blogs, too. Lately his crusade has been to defend James O’Keefe, the conservative activist who exposed some ACORN employees for doling out illegal advice. O’Keefe, whom Breitbart has invested time and money promoting, was arrested for attempting to tamper with Senator Mary Landrieu’s phones, and Breitbart has been on the warpath defending him from all manner of accusations and misreportings. (Many outlets claimed that O’Keefe was arrested for wiretapping — he was not.) Which brings us to his more recent awesome outburst, in the form of an e-mail to liberal blog Deus Ex Malcontent.

james fucks with liberal narratives. and they can’t take it. i am gleeful he has found me. what an historic innovator. i’m sure you and the rest of the town elders will vote that he and his friends can’t dance. but i promise you the futre won’t be stopped by john lithgow & co this time.

We have never particularly identified with Andrew Breitbart or the sentiments of his Big Government website before, but we have to applaud this symbolism. Who hasn’t identified with one of the characters from Footloose? (All through high school we were definitely awkward Willard, played flawlessly by Sean Penn’s far-less-famous brother Chris.) Footloose is America. Tight-jean-wearing, gymnastics-doing, Hollywood-royalty-starring, disco-dancing Footloose! America!

The Notorious “Big” [Deus Ex Malcontent via Politico]

Andrew Breitbart Identifies With Kevin Bacon in Footloose