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Apple Turns Into Bikini Police

Apple, hoping that the iPad (like the iPod Touch) will become popular with children and teenagers, has cracked down on what they call racy applications — many featuring scantily clad women. Surprising some app developers, they removed several dozen apps from their App Store earlier this week. At first we were perplexed (Sports Illustrated still has an app, as does Playboy), but then we heard about the content of these smut gadgets:

Among the victims of the purge was a game called SlideHer, a puzzle that challenged users to reassemble a photograph of a scantily clad actress.

Another, Sexy Scratch Off, depicted a woman whose dress could be whisked away at the swipe of a finger, revealing her undergarments. Such programs often appeared on the store’s list of most-downloaded apps … They included an application in which a woman wearing a swimsuit appeared to wipe finger marks from the iPhone’s screen with a rag and spray bottle.

Wait, they took that Pledge commercial where a woman gets locked into a glass box with a bunch of cats and made it sexy? That is just a disgusting affront to the human race.

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Apple Turns Into Bikini Police