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Brooklyn Bar Takes Controversial Step of Banning Babies

The Double Windsor, a bar in Windsor Terrace, has taken the controversial step of banning babies after 5 p.m. It’s a daring move to make so near to Park Slope, where not that long ago the bar Union Hall was nearly brought down by the powerful baby lobby after it attempted to ban strollers. Thus, the bar has moved gingerly, with, among other things, an ingratiating sign that assures customers that it’s not that their babies aren’t “special” or even “really mature for their age,” they are just, you know, not old enough to drink, legally speaking.

A sign outside the bar informs customers that “No one under 21 years of age allowed after 5 p.m.” It further reads, “Don’t get us wrong, we love kids (especially yours).”

But the locals are already beginning to seethe:

Local dad Jake Rockowitz said that while he agrees that strollers take up too much space in a bar, Double Windsor’s cutoff time is a bit early. “Seven or 8 p.m. is more fair. That’s when kids should go to sleep,” he said.

Or at least, that’s when they go to sleep if they have a few drinks in ’em.

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Brooklyn Bar Takes Controversial Step of Banning Babies