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New Coney Island Park to Open by Summer

Mayor Bloomberg announced plans today for a complete revitalization of Coney Island, with the opening of a new, year-round amusement park by Memorial Day. The park, fancily named “Luna Park at Coney Island,” will feature nineteen rides (with four more to be added by the summer of 2011), and aims to evoke Coney Island’s “magical” past. The original Luna Park was open on the island from 1903 to 1944.

Coney Island remains one of the most known and beloved neighborhoods around the world, but for decades its famed amusement park has dwindled to just a tiny fraction of what it once was,” Bloomberg said. “This summer, we’re reversing that trend.”

But before you run and schedule a cute July amusement-park date, take note of Central Amusement International representative David Galst’s promise: “[These new rides] will flip you, launch you, drop you and splash you.” Romantic!

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New Coney Island Park to Open by Summer