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David Paterson Has an Ace New Adviser

According to the Post, David Paterson has sought out the advice of someone who knows exactly how to stay in office in New York when the going gets tough: Eliot Spitzer. The former governor, who resigned after a spectacular sex scandal involving an interstate prostitution ring, black socks, and the Mayflower (or something), has been dishing out pointers to our embattled current governor, who is facing a likely Democratic primary battle in the upcoming election. Spitzer is hoping to resurrect his own reputation so he can run for office again, and apparently to do that he realizes he has to salvage at least part of Paterson’s.

After all, he bears responsibility for our accidental governor. So he’s making some suggestions! Such as budget-deficit advice, pointers on how to reach out to suburban voters, and even fund-raising tips.

It may sound odd that a governor who is trying to get an extremely skeptical state to take him seriously would turn to the man who became a national joke less than two years ago. But with “Steamroller” Spitzer in the shadows pulling floppy Paterson’s puppet strings, it may ironically give him the appearance of having something we’ve wondered whether he’s had all along: a spine.

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David Paterson Has an Ace New Adviser