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Gay Group Targets Individual State Senators

Gay fund-raisers who helped change the makeup of the New York State Senate during the last election cycle are gearing up to take revenge on those who did not vote for last year’s gay-marriage bill. A group called Fight Back New York, which is backed by national gay activist and donor Tim Gill, has already announced it will target Hiram Monserrate, likely one of the easiest state senators to replace — seeing as he was ousted by his fellow legislators after being convicted of misdemeanor assault, and the Queens Democratic machine is already against him.

But just to make absolutely sure he’ll be replaced by Dem rival (and gay-marriage supporter) Jose Peralta, FBNY is spending up to $100,000 on direct mailings in the next three weeks leading up to the special election to fill his seat. The mailings will show “still frames of a surveillance video that shows him dragging his companion, Karla Giraldo, through the hallway of his apartment building in Jackson Heights, Queens,” and text about how Monserrate “brutally assaulted a woman and tried to cover up his crime.”

On the flip side, anti-gay activist Ruben Diaz has Monserrate’s back, so that’s something, right?

Campaign Goes After Opponents of Gay Marriage [NYT]

Gay Group Targets Individual State Senators