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Nouriel Roubini Needs a New Nickname!

The fact is, things have picked up for Stern Business School professor and economist Nouriel “Dr. Doom” Roubini since the Great Recession took hold. He’s gotten a lot more speaking engagements, and with it, more renown. Hotter chicks come to his parties, and he gets invited to better ones. Overall, his mood has lightened considerably, and it’s showing: He’s developed a soft spot for Ben Bernanke, thinks the economy may be in recovery, and he doesn’t really seem to have the appetite for the whole “Armageddon” thing anymore. Who wants to think about the end of the world when they’re having this much fun? Truly, the only thing bearish about Nouriel Roubini right now is his chest. So, the professor decided at Davos this week, he doesn’t think he should be called “Dr. Doom” anymore.

He wants to be called T-Bone. No, just kidding. He didn’t say what he wanted to be called, which leaves it open to us to decide. CNBC ran a poll, but their readers are mostly uncreative (Dr. Real? Seriously?), and while we like “Vagina-Walled Prognosticator of Doom,” it’s kind of a mouthful and doesn’t quite incorporate his joie de vivre. Your suggestions in the comments, please!

Doom No More: Roubini’s New Nickname Revealed [CNBC]


Nouriel Roubini Needs a New Nickname!