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Gossip Girl: Nate Is Serena’s Fairy Prince

Did you guys know that the Greatest Show of Our Time is returning soon? (That was a joke, we know you’ve almost killed yourselves by holding your breath for two months.) It’s back on Monday, March 8, as will be our recaps. But until then, some hints about what’s been in store have been trickling in. On the CWTV website, a trailer clip shows that Nate and Serena, who had been delicately dancing around one another when we last saw them, are finally going to get together — at least for a little while. Executive producer Stephanie Savage talked to People about it:

“We last saw Nate sleeping on a chair in Serena’s hospital room. Gossip Girl called Serena ‘Sleeping Beauty’ and referred to Nate as her ‘prince.’ Now we get to see this fairy tale for real — Serena and Nate, the golden couple, finally together.”

It was the reveal of S and N’s fateful coupling that night at the Shepherd wedding that set in motion the dynamics of our entire series, so it’s a big deal to finally have these two pair up. Blake [Lively] and Chace [Crawford] have amazing on-screen chemistry. Their scenes are some of the most fun and sexy we have ever shot.”

Oh HELL no. There is only one “golden couple” on Gossip Girl, and that is Chuck and Blair (Chair, to you commenters). Thankfully, it appears that there will be some meaty material for those two, also. Savage says that Chuck’s hunt for more information about his mysterious mother will kick off “a big emotional Chuck story that brings him and Blair closer than ever. Ed [Westwick] and Leighton [Meester] are at the top of their game in this arc.” Yessss. The only thing better than “fun and sexy” scenes are “dark, brooding, and sexy” scenes!

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Gossip Girl: Nate Is Serena’s Fairy Prince