Happy Snow Day!

We’ll admit, even though it was lightly snowing last night before we went to bed, we were dubious about what we would see when we woke up. Fool us once, shame on you, weather. Fool us twice, shame on you, But then we looked out the window and were pleasantly surprised to see heavy chunks of snow blowing all over the place, and actual accumulation on the ground! (Not on the sidewalk pavement at first, but come on, everyone knows that particular cement is heated from beneath by the fires of Gehenna). The snow is expected to intensify throughout the day and until early tomorrow morning, with a total of twelve to eighteen inches expected in the city. Even though we are adults and we have to work today, we couldn’t help but get a little excited. Why should D.C. get all the fun this winter?

So we decided we were going to imagine, for a bit, that we actually had a snow day. That we were going to be allowed to run wild in the city like children. What would you do if you were off today? Were you the kind of kid who:

1. … would hide behind the pillars at the entrances to Central Park and pelt expensive cars with snowballs as they drove by?
2. … make snow angels in the normally untouchably dangerous turf in Tompkins Square Park?
3. … stick your tongue to icicles hanging off the Manhattan Bridge overpass?
4. … make yellow snow on the pristine, untouched stretch of grass in the middle of Park Avenue?
5. … watch other kids playing through the glass door, hiding from the weather with some hot chocolate and the homeless guy in your entryway?

Wow. Translating our suburban snow fantasies into city life was even more grim than we thought.

Blizzard Warning for New York []

Happy Snow Day!