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Kirsten Gillibrand Is Okay With Demonizing Wall Street in Certain Situations

The Harold Ford Jr. pseudo-campaign continues! Yesterday, while Ford was doing his diner meet-and-greet routine in Buffalo, he took a swipe at his potential rival, Kirsten Gillibrand. Ford mentioned that, by the time he makes his second visit to Syracuse on Sunday, he’ll have matched in one month Gillibrand’s total visits to the city in over a year. Oh, snap. You going to take that, Gillibrand spokesman Glen Caplin?:

Merrill Lynch Vice Chairman Harold Ford Jr. has gotten his facts wrong again. Not only has Senator Gillibrand visited all 62 counties in the state, she has held over twenty events in Western New York and over a dozen in Central New York alone. This is just another attempt by Merrill Lynch Vice Chairman Ford to not answer questions about whether he has received a taxpayer-backed bonus from Merrill Lynch.”

Well, he didn’t actually address Ford’s point about Syracuse, but he certainly made it clear that Ford’s new honorific title is not “Mr.” but the scarier “Merrill Lynch vice-chairman.” Does Gillibrand believe that one’s mere employment at a bank is now something to be ashamed of? If not, why does her campaign go out of its way to mention Ford’s position at Merril Lynch? That seems an awful lot like demonizing Wall Street, which she’s previously spoken out against:

But that was a whole seven weeks ago, and Ford hadn’t yet become the vaguely threatening pseudo-candidate he is today. Now, demonizing Wall Street … eeehh, it has its merits.

New York Senate Hopeful Harold Ford Visits Buffalo Eatery, Takes Shot at Senator Kirsten Gillibrand [WGRZ]

Kirsten Gillibrand Is Okay With Demonizing Wall Street in Certain Situations