Longest Married Couple Fields Tweets

The world’s longest married (living) couple, Herbert and Zelmyra Fisher, who have been married a staggering 85 years, took to Twitter on Valentine’s Day to answer user-submitted questions about their relationship and the nature of love.

The couple, who are both over 100 years old, did not really provide much specificity for their 4,438 followers as to how they have kept their flame alive for so long, offering a mix of cute (“What was your best Valentine’s Day memory?” “Herbert left work early & surprised me - he cooked dinner for me!”) and dull (“Is there anything you would do differently?” “We wouldn’t change a thing”).

Alas, the couple never got around to answering our question for the tweeting duo: “How long is appropriate to wait to respond to a text message?”

World’s Longest-Married Couple to Answer Your Romantic Queries Via Twitter [Mashable]

Longest Married Couple Fields Tweets