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Mort Zuckerman Is Reportedly Considering Running for Senate

The billionaire publisher/real-estate tycoon, who has lately been pretty critical of the president, is apparently feeling the wind of Scott Brown beneath his wings. From the Times, who spoke with “people told of the discussions.”

Mr. Zuckerman regards Ms. Gillibrand as vulnerable to a challenge and is convinced that, at a time of economic tumult and political unrest, his background as an outsider to government, and his record as a businessman, will appeal to the state’s electorate, these people said.

If this is true, like his friend Mike Bloomberg, the registered Democrat would probably end up having to switch parties in order to avoid an expensive primary, and would likely have to turn over control of the Daily News. (Or maybe he already has, since he didn’t even give them the scoop on his thought process?) But it also may not be true. In a statement, a spokesman for Zuckerman told the Times: “Mr.Zuckerman is not interested in running for public office.”

Zuckerman Said to Mull Run for U.S. Senate [NYT]

Mort Zuckerman Is Reportedly Considering Running for Senate