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New Details Revealed About Faculty Shooting Suspect

The more revelations that emerge about the past of Dr. Amy Bishop - the University of Alabama-Huntsville neuroscientist accused of fatally shooting three colleagues and wounding three others Friday - the stranger the whole thing gets. Bishop, a 45-year-old mother of four, was charged on Saturday with capital murder, after the shooting of three fellow faculty members during a meeting Friday. She had recently been informed that she would not be receiving tenure, according to University officials.

On Saturday, Braintree, Mass. police confirmed a Boston Globe report that Bishop accidentally, and fatally, shot her brother in 1986 in an argument outside their home. Bishop was not charged in the murder and the report filed by the on-duty officer at the time has, strangely, been missing since 1988, according to the Braintree police chief.

And then today, Bishop’s husband, James Anderson, confirmed another Globe report: that he and his wife were questioned after a 1993 mail bombing plot against Harvard Medical School professor Dr. Paul Rosenberg.

We were not suspects,” Anderson said, explaining they were cleared in the investigation. “They questioned everybody that ever knew this guy.”

Anderson told reporters today he did not know his wife had a gun with her at the faculty meeting Friday, and he has “no idea” how she obtained it.

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New Details Revealed About Faculty Shooting Suspect