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Rangel: Dems Aren’t Giving Up On Health Care

Like a zombie with a gunshot wound to the chest, health care reform keeps lurching forward. News of its latest movement comes from Charlie Rangel, who said tonight that a compromise is currently in the works between congressman hoping to salvaging a bill. The legislation that emerges, Rangel said, would reflect meetings held last month between the House, Senate and White House to resolve issues over things like taxing “Cadillac” insurance plans and funding abortion. The biggest question now is whether Democrats should just shut up about health care for a while and move on to jobs. Rangel seems to think they can do both:

The major things we’re talking about now are, one, don’t let health care even look like it’s not on the front burner. And don’t forget that the priority of people in their districts is jobs.”

Ah yes, jobs. Those things people want. And something Democrats might actually be able to provide without wasting an entire year and ending up with nothing. It’s definitely time to move on guys.

Rangel: Lawmakers Writing Compromise Health Bill [ABC News]

Rangel: Dems Aren’t Giving Up On Health Care