Robert Pattinson Comes Out … About His Relationship With Kristen Stewart

After arriving separately and sitting apart from each other at Sunday’s BAFTA awards, Robert Pattinson finally admitted that he and Kristen Stewart are a couple, and that all of their secretive antics are just to avoid crazed press and fans. “It is extremely difficult but we are here together, yes … We can’t arrive at the same time because of the fans. It goes crazy. This was supposed to be a public appearance as a couple but it’s impossible. We are here together and it’s a public event but it’s not easy.” We wonder how Stewart feels about him being “allergic to vagina.” Kellan Lutz, meanwhile, is promoting pet adoption for PETA, recounting the poignant story of how he met his rescue dog, Kola. “I touched her toe and said, ‘Hey, what’s your name?’ … She spoke to me.” LiLo tweeted that she’s moving to England. God save the U.K. Anna Wintour, Harper’s Bazaar’s Glenda Bailey, and Times critic Cathy Horyn donned 3-D glasses to watch a live broadcast of London’s Burberry Prorsum show, where Kristen Stewart, Kate Hudson, Mary-Kate Olsen, and Claire Danes sat front-row across the pond. And Brangelina continue their efforts to stage life as a happily married couple by shoving their tongues down each other’s throats in front of the paparazzi.

Back in the day when Lady Gaga was just a pants-wearing (we assume) NYU student, she wrote her thesis on photographer Spencer Tunick, the artist famous for his group gatherings in the nude. Now Tunick wants to study Gaga in return. Though J.Lo would have you think her split from Sony Music was voluntary, turns out the label dropped her after her last two singles, “Louboutins” and “Fresh Out of the Oven,” flopped. Charlie Sheen checked into rehab, and as a result, CBS’s Two and a Half Men is on temporary suspension. But friends swear Sheen’s stay is only a precautionary measure; he’s “just tired and worried about his wife, his court case and his kids.” Megan Fox knows how to touch Mickey Rourke. He claims she’s the most talented actress he’s worked with, and that people only criticize her because she’s beautiful. “When she cries in a scene, I get emotional.”

Though Beatrice-in-the-making Kenmare doesn’t open to the “public” until next month, it’s already in trouble with State Liquor Authority officials. They were shocked to read about the locale’s late-night underground antics when it was billed to them as a low-key restaurant with a midnight closing time. Paul Sevigny also joined models Jamie Burke and Lily Donaldson to celebrate East Village club Lit’s eighth anniversary, where NYU girls were “going nuts” for porn star Ron Jeremy. To celebrate gourmet food purveyor D’Artagnan’s 25th Anniversary, superchefs like Daniel Boulud and Tom Colicchio joined Nobu and Corton proprietor Drew Nieporent onstage at Guastavino, “jamming pretty hard” to covers of “Takin’ Care of Business” and “Ça Plane Pour Moi.” Though Padma Lakshmi has never confirmed that Adam Dell is the father of her child, Dell is “happy to assume paternal responsibility.” And on the TMI front, Khloe Kardashian says that though she’s not on the pill, she and Lamar Odom are in no rush to procreate, which is a shame for television’s sake, but probably not the potential baby’s.

Holy Rollers, club promoter “Danny A” Abeckaser’s Sundance flick about New York Hasidic Jews who venture into ecstasy dealing, was just picked up by First Independent Pictures and will hit theaters this summer. An Avenue Q bus-stop ad in Colorado Springs had to be taken down because it showed too much puppet cleavage. JWOWW assured fans that she’s not increasing the size of her breast implants, though she may replace her saline for the more lifelike silicone. Dakota Fanning pulled a Jenny Humphrey and donned shredded tights and a miniskirt in honor of her sweet sixteen. She also paired her flowered backpack with a Balenciaga bag. Kelly Osbourne says she “took more hell” for being overweight than for her raging drug addiction, and we’re not surprised.

Robert Pattinson Comes Out … About His Relationship With Kristen Stewart