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Serial Cat Killer Avoids Jail

Remember that plot on The Office a while back where Dwight killed Angela’s cat by sticking it in a freezer and it was “funny” because it was just so outlandish? Well, turns out killing your girlfriend’s cat in real life can result in bigger problems than just getting a scolding from Steve Carrell.

A 37-year-old alleged “serial cat killer” was let go today after a Manhattan Supreme Court judge signed off on a no-jail plea deal. Sean Lynde had been charged with murdering five of his ex-girlfriend’s cats from October 2008 to January 2009 while they were living in her West Side apartment.

Lynde, who now lives in Maine, must stay away from his ex and her one still-living pet, a dog named Sasha (apparently Lynde’s cool with canines), and he must attend weekly psychotherapy sessions for a year, per the terms of the deal. Lynde admitted as part of the plea to killing one of the cats (Bonafide, a 2-month old male) and to harassing his ex online (he posted a picture of her on Craigslist in an ad soliciting sex).

Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Michael Obus said he only supported the deal because Lynde’s ex was “fully on board,” as she apparently did not want to have to testify about her “heartbreak” in court. Obus said if Lynde violates the terms of his agreements or has any more run-ins with the law, he could face a prison sentence of up to two years.

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Serial Cat Killer Avoids Jail