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Someone Has Made Physical Contact With Mitt Romney

On a flight from the Vancouver Olympics yesterday, the passenger in front of Mitt Romney’s wife reclined his seat before takeoff, and Romney reminded him that proper airplane protocol requires it to be in the upright position. Yep, Mitt Romney is that guy. You can’t blame him, though, because even though he’s worth as much as $250 million, Romney was flying economy for some reason, so the back of the dude’s seat was probably three inches from Ann Romney’s face. Plus, he’s Mitt Romney — he almost had as many delegates as Mike Huckabee in 2008 — so who is going to mess with him? Reclining Man, that’s who.

Reclining Man became “physically violent” with Romney, according to Romney’s spokesman, while Fox News reports that “there was physical contact with Governor Romney.” Romney didn’t “retaliate,” and Reclining Man was removed from the flight. We’re still curious, though, about the vague description of what transpired. What do “physically violent” and “physical contact” really mean? Was it punching, pushing, grabbing, etc.? Or perhaps it was simply too horrible to repeat: hair tousling.

Romney threatened on flight out of Vancouver [Globe and Mail]
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Update: Romney’s spokesman says Reclining Man “took a swing” at Romney. [AP via Google]

Someone Has Made Physical Contact With Mitt Romney