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The Love Shack: Can This Apartment Find You Love?

If you lived here, you’d be engaged by now. Or so the story goes. Corcoran’s Kimberly Lyn Pressman says every person who has called this Greenwich Village one-bedroom home since 2002 has gotten engaged or shacked up. The seller met her now-husband within months of moving in. When her two roommates left, one did so to get married and the other bought a place with his girlfriend.

Back in 2008, the seller and her husband moved to a different neighborhood (they had a baby and needed more space) and the current tenant took it over. Now he’s moving out with his wife, who he proposed to while living in this deceptively romantic apartment. Are they charging extra for the love ju-ju? “No, but we should,” jokes Pressman, who’s not quite sure what it is about the apartment that has apparently made everyone who’s been in it the last eight years commitment-happy.

But the “why” isn’t important. “Looking too closely takes away the magic of it,” Pressman says. So, if your guy or girl fails to pop the question today, all you have to do, apparently, is find make an offer on this place, hire a lawyer, find a mortgage and get approved by the coop board. Sounds easy enough.

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The Love Shack: Can This Apartment Find You Love?