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The Ten Most Alarming Things in This Poll of Republican Values and Beliefs

DailyKos has released a new poll, conducted for it by the polling outfit Research 2000, which seems like it was commissioned solely for the purpose of depressing liberals. Not only does it confirm that a sizable chunk of Republicans still refuses to believe that President Obama is legitimate, but also that, even in 2010, as “Don’t ask, don’t tell” slowly inches closer to repeal, fear and intolerance of gay people is still rampant among the GOP. If you were having a pleasant day, don’t click ahead to read our list of the poll’s ten most alarming revelations.

10: Thirty-six percent don’t believe Obama was born in the United States, and 22 percent aren’t sure. This would be more alarming if we weren’t numb to this stat by now.

9: Only 36 percent say that Obama doesn’t hate white people. Chris Matthews might want to rethink that thing about our post-racial society.

8: Only 7 percent support same-sex marriage. Not surprising, but still disappointing.

7: Sixty-eight percent don’t think gay couples should receive any state or federal benefits, while 21 percent are not sure. This is more surprising — it’s not even marriage, just benefits. And not even every benefit, necessarily, just some.

6: Thirty-nine percent believe Obama should be impeached. For what, exactly?

5: Twenty-three percent want their state to secede from the union. The number rises to 33 percent in the South. Good luck on your own, Alabama!

4: Twenty-four percent claim that Obama “wants the terrorists to win,” while 33 percent are not sure. Really?

3: Only 24 percent say they definitely don’t believe that ACORN stole the election. Did ACORN fake the hundreds of polls that had Obama trouncing John McCain as well?

2: Thirty-one percent think contraception should be outlawed.

1: An astounding 73 percent believe that openly gay men or women should be prohibited from teaching in public schools, and 19 percent aren’t sure. That puts them at odds with Ronald Reagan, who openly opposed a measure trying to do just that. Over 30 years ago.

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The Ten Most Alarming Things in This Poll of Republican Values and Beliefs